First Day, First Impressions

I’m fresh off my first day of teaching in my very own classroom. After a full year removed from the minutiae and bureaucratic duties I learned about during my student teaching experience, it was a little bit of a strange adjustment. So after the syllabi were passed out and discussed, and the first instrument-related questions were answered, I took some time to process the day.

  • 8th graders are very talkative little people. Throat lozenges will be a good investment.
  • 7th graders are more perceptive than you would think. They were able to pick up on a great many differences between the Bela Fleck and Emerson, Lake and Palmer recordings of Hoedown. What’s more, they were able to express these differences using some very sophisticated musical terminology.
  • I can’t take anything for granted. Several students are either interested in an instrument switch or are joining band for the first time. It’s going to take some effort to get their abilities on those instruments up to speed.
  • My planning period will never last as long as I hope.
  • After four straight periods of large-ish band classes, a 15-kid computer class is a huge relief.
  • The kids are struggling with my sense of humor. It’s clearly too sophisticated (/sarcasm)
  • Most important, the 45-minute commute that’s over before the sun even comes up is going to be more than worth it. The kids are great, my colleagues are great, and we’re in for a great year.

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