An Open Letter to Rick Snyder

Dear Governor Snyder,

Congratulations. If one of your campaign goals was to start creating a generation of under-educated, ignorant cretins, you are well on your way. Your proposed budget would cut hundreds of dollars per pupil from every district in the state, a scary prospect in an education system that is already dangerously underfunded.

You also aim to increase taxes not on wealthy individuals or businesses, but on working class citizens who already live a frugal lifestyle. The stress of pinching pennies and worrying about future cuts to our livelihood combined with the job of teaching hundreds of kids every day is a recipe for disaster. A stressed teacher leads to a stressful learning environment, which benefits no one. The true aim of education should be for the benefit of our students. You clearly don’t care about the students; what’s your goal here?

During your campaign, you ran on promises of balancing the budget and being a “tough nerd”. It’s now apparent that “tough nerd” means fleecing the very people who elected you, to the tune of $1.8 billion, and using that money to not help the budget deficit, but to fund further tax cuts for the wealthy.

Any nerd will tell you, that’s flat out bullying.

What’s most disgusting is that a minimal contribution from all Michigan taxpayers (yes, richest two percent, this includes your bloated, greedy behinds as well) would be enough to put a serious dent in, if not completely fix, the budget deficit.

How is it that a man who claims to want to put people back to work and restore Michigan’s prosperity can do the exact opposite and move to destroy thousands more jobs, especially when such a simple and painless solution is at hand? There are over 150,000 teachers in Michigan, and these proposed budget cuts aren’t going to fix the problem, they are going to compound it.

Imagine just one year down the road…teachers who have been fired as a result of Snyder’s budget have been living on unemployment benefits. That’s thousands more people entering a system that’s already overloaded. Who pays for that? The state and the taxpayers.

Imagine five years down the road…due to the cutting of programs that foster creativity and exploration in our students, the next generation of children misses out on valuable knowledge and experience. In an effort to help their children, parents begin moving to states with a better economic and educational climate.

Imagine 10 years down the road…after this diaspora, Michigan is a barren shell of what it could be. Talented, educated professionals have left the state in droves. School districts are failing left and right, and no new ideas are coming into the state.

It’s an apocalyptic scenario, and it’s also a very real one. Cutting education to this degree will be devastating. You are willing to cripple the state’s long-term future in order to reach some very short-term goals.

While I am fully behind your efforts to commit political suicide, you should just do the honorable thing and resign.


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