Random Observations From Year One

  • If a student has braces, they will get them adjusted the day of a concert.
  • Fundraising is a huge pain. Consider working in a filthy rich district so you can avoid it.
  • Even the most introverted kid can find something worth doing if your classroom allows for creativity and exploration.
  • Band parents are the best. Need water for the kids at a parade? Need helping cleaning up after a concert? They’ve got your back!
  • While we’re on the topic of parades…it seems pointless to have a middle school marching band. Prepping for two parades this year took many hours away from activities that would have been more musically rewarding for the kids.
  • Big field trips were not as scary or stressful as I would  have guessed. The weeks leading up to the field trips, however…
  • When I was student teaching, my cooperating teacher gave me a bit of advice. He said that when the kids seemed like they were acting out, go home and make a list of the ones that were causing problems. It usually turns out to be a surprisingly small percentage. He was spot on, and this was good for my mental health.
  • It’s always easier to replace a bad teacher. My 8th graders had a good teacher last year, and my 7th graders did not. Guess who was easier to work with at the start of the year?

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