Three Days of MMC in the Form of a Tweet

The past few days were spent in Grand Rapids attending the 2012 Michigan Music Conference. It’s always a great way to learn something new, recharge my batteries, and make new connections. What follows are some of the highlights from three days worth of sessions, summarized as tweets (140 characters or less, or your money back.) Bonus points if you caught the Erik Satie reference.

  • Escravos de Jo
  • Engage somebody rather that lecture at them.
  • Encourage play. It’s how kids naturally learn.
  • Using technology you can accelerate artistry and advance music making.
  • The joy of learning overrides all fear. Be child-like.
  • Wouldn’t it be cool if every kid didn’t have “general music”, but just “music”?
  • Feel free to say what you want, but feel free to deal with the consequences as well.
  • Take great care to stay professional on public social media. Know your district policies!
  • – Educator’s learning guide for do’s and don’t’s on facebook.
  • (Electronic ensembles) offer chance to create your own tradition/standards/literature. Lots of freedom.
  • Musicality is controlled by the musician, not the instrument.
  • Give students a goal and tell them how to get there, don’t just mindlessly dictate.
  • Know your teaching philosophy. It will guide everything you do.
  • Delegate, communicate, network, plan, retain, go the extra mile, stay healthy (7 steps to success)
  • We MUST open the doors for students, people, others. NOT close them. (via @nicholas_hardy)
  • We need to find music that connects to the real musical world.
  • Getting your students to compose/arrange gets them making independent musical decisions.
  • Is it a tool for teaching and learning? If yes, you need it. If not, you don’t.
  • Mozart used all the latest technology to create his music. Are you teaching the next Mozart? Do you provide the tools? (via @johnchurchville)
  • The best musicians need to be teaching the youngest students. (@johnchurchville)
  • You’re either part of the steamroller or you’re part of the road.
  • Electronic ensembles/tech classes are a great way to involve the ‘other 80 percent’.
  • An electronic ensemble can foster student creativity like no other.
  • The Pangea Choir Project
  • Use social media in your classroom because that’s what the kids are doing. Engage them directly.

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