Jiggs Whigham P-Bone, Month One

About a month ago, purely for kicks, I purchased a brand new Jiggs P-Bone. I’m curious to see how it will stand up to the rigors of a middle school music classroom, so I’ll be keeping track of the journey here and sharing feedback.

First impressions

The instrument doesn’t feel as sturdy as I’d like, at least not right out of the case. It seems like a good breeze would reduce it to a pile of smoldering ashes. A lot of this worry comes from the fact that the bell section doesn’t attach to the slide as securely as it does on my Bach 42T. Maybe I’m just being nitpicky.

After playing a few notes, it feels just like a “real” trombone. It plays relatively freely in all registers (except the low register, but we’ll get there in a minute), and it’s easy to keep an even sound through all registers.

I’ve got two complaints though. First, the low register does not speak well, even compared to a typical small-bore trombone. It’s even worse if you use the plastic mouthpiece that comes with the P-Bone (I just gave mine to a student.) As long as you stay above D in the staff, you’re fine. Start getting below that and your tone could suffer.

Lastly, the slide is nowhere near as smooth as I expected. The demo horn I played at a music conference had a good, but not great, slide. According to the flyer tucked into the case that came with the P-Bone, the slide will break in over time. It’s just a little frustrating waiting for that to happen.a

In the next installment, I hope to be able to speak a little bit about the durability of the P-Bone.

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2 thoughts on “Jiggs Whigham P-Bone, Month One

  1. My 11 year old is in his first year of band. He has a traditional rental trombone and I bought him the p bone to keep as a visual reminder to practice everyday. It really works! It is fun, lightweight, and inspires him to play. Since it isn’t as precious, he plays it outside and around the house. I guess overall, he spends more time with the p bone than he did with his rental trombone and is more likely to pick it up on his own. When he first got it, we played hours of “p bone or trombone?” and our untrained ears were unable to distinguish. All in all, after several weeks the p bone continues to serve the purpose I had hoped for at home. I will update this review if the band teacher feels differently, since is he required to play on the rental at school.

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