Jiggs Whigham P-Bone, month two

In a previous post, I offered some early impressions of my Jiggs P-Bone. This is month two with the instrument.

The P-Bone hasn’t gotten much use lately, but the reasons for that will definitely factor into my review. I definitely lack the patience necessary to break in the slide, which is a major issue. The slide was tolerable while my Bach 42T was in the shop, but now that the Bach is back, it’s my primary horn once again.

It’s not an issue of sound quality—the P-Bone actually produces good tone—but of build quality. The slide gives the slightest hint of a nails-on-chalkboard feeling, which isn’t pleasant at all. For somebody who isn’t used to a high-quality slide, this might be a non-issue. But, if you’ve spent even a single hour playing on a well-built instrument like a Bach 42 or a Conn 88H, you might have a very difficult time adapting to the P-Bone slide.

The feel of the slide also makes it difficult for a player to be accurate. The fluidity of my Bach slide makes it easy to be accurate and make small adjustments if necessary. There’s a lot of friction with the P-Bone slide, making minute adjustments difficult at best.

Hopefully by the time month three rolls around, I’ll be able to give a report on how a broken-in slide performs.

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