Inexperience is now a qualification, apparently

Brand-new mechanics don’t get to wrench on expensive, exotic supercars.

First-year med students don’t get to take the lead on a surgical procedure.

Fresh-faced business school graduates don’t immediately leap to the top of a Fortune 500 company.

Inexperienced politicians are frequently derided by their colleagues based on that trait alone.

Young research assistants are often relegated to tasks like data coding, or fetching coffee. They’ve got to learn how to design research studies.

Young cyclists learn the finer aspects of the sport while working for their more experienced team leader.

People generally don’t toss the keys to their 14-year old child and tell them, “Here, you seem ready to get us to Disneyland.”

So why do we so readily dismiss the voices of experience when it comes to something as important as education?

M. Night Shyamalan is great at writing terrible movies. He’s not somebody who should be influencing the direction of education.

Bill Gates has made an obscene amount of money over the course of his lifetime, and deservedly so. Unfortunately, an understanding of how children learn is not something you can buy.

Arne Duncan is man whose education experience has been exclusively outside of the classroom. While he might know his way around the baskeball court, he doesn’t seem to know that more standardized tests are a poor way to improve the education system.

Michelle Rhee couldn’t even keep her own house in order. How can we reasonably believe that she is fit to lead on a national level?

Education is one of the few fields that has directly impacted nearly everybody in this country. Why are we so willing to hand over the keys to somebody who doesn’t even have a learners permit?


3 thoughts on “Inexperience is now a qualification, apparently

    • Children should not be the victims, or even witnesses, of some adult’s experiments behind the wheel. however: LEARN to teach and then you get to move into a classroom, with a mentor to back you up until you figure out what the heck you are doing. Anyone who has been a teacher understands how much is involved and how long it takes to become even decent at the job (Hint: longer than a Teach for America commitment lasts).

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