Sharing An Experience

In one of my summer classes this past year, we discussed the concept of “An Experience”. Basically (and this was a philosophy discussion, so my understanding is basic at best) “an experience” refers to a musical moment that has a significant effect on the listener. Not an entire piece, not a singular note, but a brief musical moment with a strong impact.

After watching the Chicago Symphony’s phenomenal performance of the Verdi Requiem the other night, I began thinking about the moments that would go on my list of “An Experience”. I came up with a list that includes a range of genres, and when possible, included a clip of the musical moment itself.

Each of these moments is special to me for different reasons. With some, I’m captivated by the composer’s choice of harmony, with others it’s the use of rhythm, and others are linked to important events in my life outside of music. What musical moments would go on your list?

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The Trombonist's Mouthpiece by Joe Guarr is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License


2 thoughts on “Sharing An Experience

  1. I like your list, especially the Mahler horn line (of course, Dale Clevenger!), the Grainger, and the Stravinsky (which by the way sounded a lot more conventional than I expected)

    I’m going to make my own list, but I’ll start with one that would be on my list:
    this moment near the end of An Alpine Symphony where the horn comes in on a soft high G: 43:28 on this recording ( I can’t remember/figure out how to embed the time mark in the link)

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