Stop Electing Buffoons

I know I like to rip on Michigan Governor Rick Snyder a lot. And quite frankly, he deserves a lot of criticism for things like the emergency manager legislation, and the EAA. But, I have to give him credit for standing up to Jase Bolger’s terrible plan to fix Michigan’s roads. Snyder has stated several times now that he prefers a plan to fix Michigan’s roads that does not involve hurting schools or local governments (possibly because he’s already done such a great job of hurting them himself…)

Under Bolger’s plan, my district would lose roughly $2.6 million next year. This works out to about $475 per student. That’s a LOT of money, especially when you consider I don’t work in a terribly large or affluent district to begin with. A larger district like Ann Arbor Public stands to lose over $7 million under Bolger’s plan. Michigan’s schools are not in great financial shape, and have not been for quite some time. Why is further damage to the schools even on the table?

To make things even worse, Bolger has threatened to push through electoral college reform during the current lame duck session if his demands aren’t met. Congratulations, Michigan voters. You’ve elected a guy who is holding our state hostage, and demanding public school funding as ransom.


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