Another MMC In The Books

It’s about 9:30PM and I’m back from another excellent MMC. While there was definitely an impending sense of doom hanging over the weekend, everybody I spoke with was thankful for the distraction provided by the conference this year. At the exact same time Donald Trump was using his inaugural address to attack, frighten, and divide, a community of music educators were using their time and money to collaborate, communicate, and inspire.
At the exact same time Donald Trump was accusing our education system of depriving American students of knowledge, the great teachers of Michigan were sharing innovative ideas to help their students become creators and leaders.
At the exact same time Donald Trump used the bully pulpit to further divide America, conference attendees were treated to fabulous sessions about how to make our classrooms more inclusive and welcoming.
At the exact same time Donald Trump was painting a bleak picture of a destroyed country, these great teachers were proudly sharing great art their students had created from scratch.
My fellow music educators, you have inspired and refreshed me these past few days. We’re not going to let the continued attacks on our profession stop us, we’re not going to back down. We’re going to go back to our schools and communities, and fill them with music. We’re going to model respect and tolerance for our students, and make sure they know they are valued. You all make me proud to be your colleague, and I know your students are proud to have you as their teacher.

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