Bravo, Oregon

Oregon is a fantastic state. It’s already home to delicious craft beers and the most rabid fan base in American sports. Now the state legislature has unanimously approved a plan to lessen the burden of debt on their college graduates. It seems insane, unthinkable in a world where tuition costs are skyrocketing. It’s also refreshing to see both sides of the political spectrum banding together on such an important issue.

What these politicians have done is remove one of the largest obstacles to students wishing to further their education. It’s remarkably admirable, two words that are not often used to describe the actions of modern politicians. You can toss out all of the tired “But college isn’t for everybody!” BS you want, but the fact is that this will make Oregon an even more attractive place to live and work. This is a radical change in higher education and very necessary one at that.

Kudos to Oregon’s leaders for pledging to lessen the debt faced by the young people in their state. Kudos to these politicians for setting aside partisan differences and unanimously pushing this great idea closer to reality.